Dark Ambient recreations of tracks from The Age of the Machine Entities

Limited Edition CD & Art Cards

NPR New Music Friday - March 8 2024
ABC TV RAGE Wild One pick - 24 Jan 2024
"Glorious instrumental reimagining of 2001: ASpace Odyssey...teeth-rattling crunch that’s as heavy as anything served up by the similarly intergalactically minded prog metal travellers Gojira" - Prog UK March 2024
"A sprawling space-metal epic in its own regard, incorporating experience with their genre-spanning disregard for accordance to fashion a bold sound that’s worthy of standing in proximity to the science fiction masterpiece" - 8/10 Distorted Sound
"Spacey and doomy" 3 stars  - Sea of Tranquility
"Sounds brilliant" - Steve Kilbey, The Church
"Spacey and stoner yet has a futuristic, ominous vibe" - Cutting Edge Metal